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Professional dentistry DENTIST Sumy. Dental Crowns. Metal/Plastic dental crowns.
Professional dentistry DENTIST Sumy.
Dental Crowns.
Metal/Plastic dental crowns.
  Our clinic " Professional dentistry DENTIST” is the leading clinic in Sumy region. We propose our patients the widest choice of methods to safe and prolong life to your teeth. You can find the most popular and up-to-date constructions in protesting your teeth. The most popular crownworks in our clinic are:
  Dental crowns can be either single, which restore one tooth, or can be a part of any dentures, such as partial or complete dental bridges and removable dentures. When using the basal implantation methods,the dental crowns are used only in the dentures. As the implant system with immediate load requires certain space, implants are implanted into the bone if there are missing at least 2-3 teeth. In this case, dental bridge is used for teeth replacement that can be fixed additionally on rhizoid implants of BASAL or COMPRESSIVE systems, which are made by the Swiss company Trate AG. The dental crowns are used in the dentures based on the implants differ in materials of which they are made.
  Metal/Plastic dental crowns
  Metal/Plastic crowns are made of metal and plastic. These crowns are very affordable, but as a rule, due to their low aesthetics and short life are mainly used as a temporary option. The dentures made of these crowns are light that is why they are used for patient to get used to new teeth, especially when large number of them is restored at once.
Indications to usage

· restoration of side or front teeth
· usage in removable dentures or dental bridges
· usage in restoration of the whole row of teeth in case of combined implantation (for a fixed price –"turnkey” implantation)
· low cost
· quick manufacturing
· can be used for immediate load after basal implantation (they are very light)
· lack of aesthetics (plastic has few shades, so it would be logical to use such crowns for the replacement of the whole row of teeth, as it is rather difficult to pick up a shade of artificial teethto the shade of genuine ones)
· short usage life (such dentures serve only about 3 years, during this time plastic can break away from metal, or change its color by absorbing different coloring)
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